Web Design

In a world where Web design has become a commodity, we take the time to follow a proven design and marketing driven methodology while remaining tightly coupled to the latest Search Engine Optimization strategies.   With the myriad of tools in the marketplace today for developing Websites, it’s almost become a cliche to hear someone say they can build you a Website.  Even so, the process of designing, creating, and deploying Web pages that catch the eye is still a skill that demands imagination and technical ability, and hiring someone who can bring those attributes to the table is well worth the effort.
Our Web design process is a systematic and effective approach that will take you from concept to execution.  We will first sit down with you and understand what exactly you want to communicate and who you want to communicate it to.  Understanding the target audience is the primary success factor in any Web design project, and we will ensure by asking you the right questions that you come out of this phase with a clear picture of the people who will be navigating through your Website.  Next, we’ll help you articulate the concepts that will speak to your audience, creating images and content that will communicate your  ideas in a concise and powerful way.  After guiding you through those processes, we’ll work with you to determine how the site should flow.  Any Website that is not easy to navigate will not be visited for very long. Finally, we put all the pieces together, creating a user experience that is rewarding, informative, and most importantly, well worth your audience’s time.
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