Test Case Development

Good test case development is a vital part of the software development cycle.  Once requirements are gathered, architectures designed, and components developed, the testing cycle provides the proof that the system actually works. The basis for any good test process is a well-designed set of test cases.  What is it that makes a well-designed test case?  It should:

  • Be measurable
  • Be repeatable
  • Be easy for a tester to follow and execute
  • Be able to leverage automated testing tools
  • Accurately reflect a specific system requirement or set of system requirements

As software developers, we understand the importance of having effective and reliable test cases.   Our approach is to develop the test cases at the time of requirements gathering, because the requirements will drive the system functionality.  By taking this approach, we ensure that the testing that is conducted is specifically tied to the requirements of the system, and the end results the system is designed to produce.


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