Sales & Lead Generation

There’s no question that generating leads and driving sales is the lifeblood of any business.  But the question that is not easily answered is, “How do we do those things effectively?’  Further, “How do we do it in such a way to get the greatest return on our investment in the sales process?”


One way to do it is through CRM (Customer Relationship Management). To be clear, we are not a CRM company, but we have years of experience implementing and managing CRM tools, and we can help you find the tool that will work best for you, and even manage it for you.  We can help you in three areas:


Software Selection and Integration – There are a good many CRM products on the market today, and we can help you wade through the myriad  choices to find the one that will best suit your business, based on your requirements.   We’ll work with you to identify the “must haves” when it comes to functionality, and what components may constitute an unnecessary cost.


Implementation Services – Once you’ve selected your tool of choice, we can perform the implementation of the software for you, easing the burden on your IT staff and freeing your team up to do the important work of running your business.  Especially valuable are the services we provide in integrating other pieces of software (i.e. existing contact management systems, your Website, etc.) that provide lead generation data for your business.


CRM Management – Finally, after selecting your CRM solution and implementing it, you’ve got to manage it, right?  Let us do that for you!  Our team members are trained to not just maintain the system, but to leverage its data to nurture leads and ferret out additional prospects for your business via phone calls, email, and social media tools as well.


As we’re sure you’ll see, we offer a full complement of services to help you find and manage sales opportunities that come your way.  Let us be your partner in finding the customers that will help your business grow!