Management Team

Mike Coles
Founder and Managing Partner

Mr. Coles has been a part of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) community since 2001, when he co-founded Iron Data, LLC to respond to the increasing demand for cost effective business transaction software and services. As an established process design and operational specialist, Mr. Coles, as the company’s CIO, was responsible for all day-to-day technical and R&D operations within the company. Mr. Coles was instrumental in establishing Iron Data’s offshore service centers, its business processes and procedures, and the technical integration of all its acquisition companies. In addition to these responsibilities,  Mr. Coles provided oversight of all Iron Data’s Information Technology related initiatives, including product development, system design, implementation, and process and program management.


Prior to founding Iron Data, Mr. Coles was employed at LightNetworks, Inc.,  where he was instrumental in leading the development of the telecommunication provider’s operational support system (OSS ) and back office service center. It was at LightNetworks that Mr. Coles gained valuable insight and honed his skills in developing  back office support centers that effectively execute customer care, performance management,  internal process management, reporting, training, and knowledge management.


May of 2011 saw Iron Data receive a major capital infusion from Arlington Capital Partners, which effectively recapitalized the company for future growth and expansion.  Subsequent to the Arlington transaction, Mr. Coles saw an opportunity to bring offshore BPO to a broader market, and formed Tiburon Data, LLC  in the United States and the Hammerulo Data Corporation of the Philippines.  Both of these entities are well-positioned for tremendous growth, as more companies look to benefit from the efficiencies and savings that outsourced service and data organizations can offer.  Mr. Coles and his partner, Mr. David Seeger, have assembled a team of professionals skilled in several disciplines—creative services, software development, back office support, sales and lead generation, and quality assurance—to provide world class products and services to companies in need of value-added BPO.


A native of San Francisco, California, Mr. Coles received his degree in Computer Information Systems from Georgia State University.  He has happily called Atlanta home for over 20 years, residing with his wife and three children.


David O. Seeger
Founder and Managing Partner

Mr Seeger has over 20 years of experience designing and delivering technical solutions that enable companies to reduce their costs and operate more efficiently. His primary areas of focus throughout his career have been in software development methodology and business process management. Prior to starting Tiburon Data and Hammerulo Data Corporation in 2011, Mr. Seeger managed the offshore operations for Atlanta-based Iron Data Solutions and Black Marlin Data Corporation of the Philippines. During his tenure at Iron Data, Mr. Seeger was responsible for transitioning the software development and business process activities for each of their acquisitions to an effective and efficient offshore model.


Before joining Iron Data Solutions, Mr. Seeger held various technical and senior management positions at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), dot-com startup (acquired by data aggregation and private intelligence service provider ChoicePoint, Inc. in 2005) and subsequently ChoicePoint, Inc., which was purchased in February 2008 by Reed Elsevier (parent corporation of LexisNexis).  As he transitioned from Iron Data, Mr. Seeger realized that despite companies’ use of advanced technology, there was a tremendous ongoing need for business process services that ran the gamut from Web design to telemarketing.  It wasn’t that these clients were unable to perform the functions necessarily, but training to do them was costly, and very often the resources to do them just were not there.  Based on his experience in the Philippines, he knew that there was a wealth of eager and talented resources that could be tapped to help these companies out, and thus Tiburon and Hammerulo were born.  Since that time in 2011, Tiburon and Hammerulo have grown rapidly, expanding offerings to meet the seemingly non-stop need for services that support the critical missions of companies large and small.

Mr. Seeger was born and raised in New York and holds various degrees and certificates in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Biomedical-Rehabilitation Engineering from Oxford University in Oxford, England and Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. He currently splits his time between residences in Manila, Philippines and Atlanta, Georgia. In his personal time, Mr. Seeger enjoys snow skiing and is a certified PADI Master Scuba Diver.