Corporate Culture


Last October 6, we celebrate the first year anniversary of HAMMERULO DATA CORPORATION. The lunch-out celebration was filled with fun memories as laughter’s echoed as we watch the special audio visual presentation created and prepared by the staffs. Games and prizes kept everyone alive and excited, the day was indeed a special one not only for the staff and management but for the spirit of camaraderie, friendship and teamwork that HDC brought to every one of us. KUDOS! HAMMERULO team, let us continue our journey to success!


A team building event organized to developed the spirit of Teamwork, Camaraderie and Sportsmanship. Three strong teams competed for the first ever HDC sportsfest The Central Red Dragon, The Pacific Blue Sharks and The Eastern Green Phyton. During the event everyone showed skills, flexibility and discipline while enjoying the games. A surprising comeback from the Pythons as they rallied in the medal tally when they almost sweep all divisions in Badminton and Bowling games. Eastern took the overall Champion trophy as they earned 24 points in medal tally pointing system. The Central Red Dragon took the 2nd overall overcoming the 3rd overall Pacific Blue Sharks through medal standing ranking. Nevertheless the event is very successful as everyone enjoyed the games and specially the food. For all the teams and organizers job well done and SEE YOU NEXT YEAR.