Our Company

Tiburon Data, LLC and Hammerulo Data Corporation—two companies, many powerful solutions.  Tiburon, formed in the United States, and Hammerulo, of the Philippines, were formed to respond to the ever-increasing demand for cost effective services that are delivered on time, under budget, and of the highest quality.  Although each company has its own name and identity, the two come together in a powerful way, leveraging their core competencies in hosting (Tiburon) and data services (Hammerulo) to present comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to our customers.


You may wonder about the names—we chose the name Tiburon (Spanish for shark) to symbolize the great qualities of a shark—efficient, always moving forward, and purposeful.  We combined “Ulo” (which is Tagalog, the Philippine national language, for “head”) with “Hammer” to form Hammerulo, or “hammerhead”.  It’s fitting, because the hammerhead shark is one of the most aggressive and prolific sharks in the sea, with a visual acuity greater than that of most of its counterparts.


We like to think that the characteristics of these majestic animals symbolize our approach to serving our customers—adaptable, tenacious, focused, and possessed of sharp vision.  In today’s tough and ultra-competitive business environment, you need a partner that will go full speed ahead for you—undaunted by difficult challenges, ready to wade through whatever environment we are presented with, and clear on our purpose in serving you.


So if this sounds like the type of partner you’re looking for, give us a call or send us an email.  Whether you are a company in the U.S., Europe, Asia, or Australia, we can’t wait to be your solution in the ocean of possibilities!