Open Source Development

Since its inception in the early 2000s, open source development has matured significantly, and spawned some great products in the marketplace—brand names such as Linux, Firefox, WordPress, and Android are but a few examples.  Why use open source development as a tool for creating applications?  Here are some compelling reasons:

  • Wide availability of source code
  • Ability to redistribute code and improve upon it
  • Flexibility of use
  • “Continuation” of software development (even if original developer stops)
  • Lower development and acquisition costs than closed or proprietary software
  • Sharing of ideas fosters more creativity, resulting in better software solutions

At Hammerulo, we believe that open source development is a great way for companies to acquire value-added applications, for relatively low cost.  We have an expert staff of developers well-versed in many of the open source tools available today, such as Perl, Python, and Ruby.  Let us put these tools to work for you to create the solutions that will make your enterprise go.  Contact us today!