Manual Testing

Automated testing is great, and we use it when situations warrant it’s effectivity, but there’s no substitute for rigorous, nose-to-the-grindstone, hands-on testing.  Why?  Because chances are, you’re going to have human users putting your software through its paces. No automated testing tool, no matter how rigorous or sophisticated, can completely replace the manual testing process. That’s why we’ve invested in testing expertise, and we can put those skills to work for you.


Our testers:

  • Are skilled at selecting the right test cases and prioritizing them
  • Have the ability to understand the desired  result in the context of the larger process
  • Are proficient in black, white, and grey box testing
  • Employ acute attention to detail to identify software problems
  • Are skilled at analyzing and interpreting application behavior
  • Can design test plans and test cases
  • Are well-versed in various testing methodologies, such as Waterfall, RUP, and  Agile, among others
  • Have a working knowledge of different protocols such as  TCP/IP, UDP, RADIUS, NTP, SNMP

With our expertise, we can assist you at every level of testing—unit, conformance, functional, load, performance, regression, compatibility, stress, and end-to-end testing.  Don’t leave this critical part of your software development cycle to chance—-let our people help you implement and manage a rigorous and highly effective testing process, so that when it’s time to go live, you are truly ready!