Load and Performance Testing

Your application is well-designed and has the functionality that your users want.  But can it handle the volumes that you anticipate?  How will it perform under stress?  These are two very important questions that are addressed by load testing and performance testing.  Load testing  simulates multiple users accessing an application concurrently, documenting how the application behaves at various user levels. Performance testing determines how a system responds to user inputs, measuring cycle times for results, displaying pages, etc.


Both of these test types go hand-in-hand in assessing the readiness of a system to be deployed or accessed by a user base.  We understand that these measures are  critical components of a successful application launch, and we can help you achieve  this very important milestone with our experience and know-how in software testing.


Is your application ready for prime time? Don’t guess—let us guide you through our rigorous load and performance testing approach, and we’ll help ensure that when you “flip the switch”, all systems will be go!