Data Room Hosting

The concept of Virtual Data Room Hosting, or VDR, is becoming an increasingly popular choice for companies for the storage and distribution of documents.  It is seen as a viable and cost-effective alternative particularly in the area of mergers and acquisitions, as companies look to perform their due diligence.  Rather than store thousands of documents in a physical location that only one bidder team at a time can have access to, organizations are choosing to employ VDRs to facilitate the process of sharing critical information.


If you are a business that has due diligence as a key part of your business process, or you have a need to securely and efficiently store and retrieve a large amount of sensitive documents, VDR may be just the solution for you.  Our team can make an assessment of your requirements and create a VDR repository that will:

  • Allow you to manage access to the documents
  • Enable you to control the amount of time documents can be viewed
  • Facilitate the process of getting documents to regulators or investors
  • Save you money by eliminating the need to hand deliver documents to the requisite stakeholders


VDR can indeed be a way to streamline your process when it comes to the execution of due diligence.  Contact us today and let us explore with you how you can benefit from this time-reducing, money-saving solution!