Big Data

Big data.  PC Magazine describes it as “the massive amounts of data that collect over time that are difficult to analyze and handle using common database management tools.”  As data collection methods and tools continue to abound, particularly in the realm of social media, the volume of data will only grow—some estimates place the growth at as much as 40% within the decade.


So how will companies deal with the challenges that big data brings?  With business processes that demand the capture, curation, transfer, sharing, search, and analysis of prodigious amounts of data, companies must have tools that will enable them to efficiently process it in a timely manner, while being able to scale at a rapid pace.  A significant part of our approach is to start with the business processes—how will the key processes that require the data for decision making use it?  What form will it need to take to enable effective analysis and visualization?


We work with our clients to answer these questions and use big data architecture principles to bring together large disparate data sets for analysis and correlation, leveraging the sophisticated tools available in the marketplace today.  So talk to us about how we can help you—we’ll show you that big data doesn’t have to be a big problem!