Automated Regression Testing

If you’re in the business of software development, you know that program fixes can inadvertently cause other problems or break components that were previously working.  A function that was working just fine in the last release is all of a sudden buggy in the next version.  Experienced developers know the importance of regression testing, and we understand it very well.


Our approach to regression testing is to first understand where and how the tests need to be applied.  Taking the “shotgun” approach to regression testing is time consuming, costly, and unnecessary.  We go through the process of identifying the mission critical components that must always be regression tested, along with the pieces of software that were affected by any changes or updates.


The key to successful automated regression testing is a thorough understanding of the existing application workflow.  We will help you to document the application workflow and translate it into test scripts, and then use industry-leading tools to automate those scripts.  From there, we will guide you in the implementation of an on-going process whereby you can efficiently update the test scripts based on changes to the application workflow.


Regression testing is an extremely important part of ensuring that your applications continue to perform for your customers.  Let us help you make that process a smooth and effective one!